Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin




Added image source size option for mobile devices
Added new Author Posts Page, Author Website, Author Avatar (different sizes) metas/elements for items skins
Added new Date metas/elements for items skins
Added option to show the post’s Alternative Image on hover
Added ability to show the item’s media and cover content side by side
Added new Taxonomies meta/element for items skins
Added new Stream “Behance”
Added new “Post Content” lightbox option
Added new admin color-picker with support for background gradients


3rd party shortcodes now possible inside Custom Meta
Added additional sanitation for manually written links
Added new skin options to make showing content without a hover easier
Leaving the “Filer All Text” blank will just auto-hide the button
Improved responsiveness for default lightbox


Fixed Nav Search Shortcode not outputting
Fixed Wistia not loading in Lightbox
Fixed cover not disappearing when using SoundCloud
Fixed image src “undefined” issue when no featured image is set
Fixed Load More for Grids build by WP Gallery
Fixed Ajax Callback not working in some cases
Fixed Ajax video playback issue for video streams

Version Artemis (4th July 2017)

Removed transparent image fallback for Masonry grid-types without an image set
Fixed issue where Featured Images would not load in some cases
Fixed issue where Preview Grids would not load in some cases
Replaced depricated add_to_cart_fragments filter with woocommerce_add_to_cart_fragments (WooCommerce 3)

Version 2.1.5 Artemis (29th June 2017)

Added basic WooCommerce 3.x compatibility
Added ability to set default image globally
Handling for Facebook Posts without media installed


Video Default Posters are only shown if Media Source contains the corresponding video source
Changed Lightbox Default Width and Height to a more appropiate size (960×540px)
Updated to Vimeo API version 2.1.0
Default Images now extended to the lightbox


Fixed Custom Grid Download Links
Fixed Edit Custom Element Modal Window did not close “Please wait” overlay
Fixed Sharing Link targets were always visible in Skin Editor
Fixed Link target can’t be set to any other option (see Fix above)
Fixed Skin Editor Layer “Save as template” does not clear “Please wait” overlay
Fixed Vimeo video issues where previous API was failing in some cases
Fixed compatibility issue with Slider Revolution’s “Defer JS Loading” option
Fixed Search Shortcode Output
Fixed “Facebook reports: An access token is required to request this resource”
Fixed issue where search would not work without default filters
Fixed Item Skin Editor error when no PunchFonts existed
Fixed image src “undefined” issue when no featured image is set
Fixed lightbox autoplay not working
Fixed navigation elements drag/drop quirks
Fixed HTML5 Video lightbox controls not visible
Fixed adding additional “Available Filters” throws errors in some cases
Fixed “Add To Cart” Button live updating “WooCommerce Menu Cart” item
Fixed Load More for Grids build by WP Gallery
Fixed YouTube Playlist selection resetting in backend

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